Here at City Paintcraft we know the difference between a successful and bad paint job is mostly down to wall preparation. No paint will be able to adhere to grubby or uneven surfaces. We take great care in filling any cracks or defects before we start painting. All surfaces should be Clean, smooth and dry, even brand new plaster needs to be sealed. Any grease, nicotine, finger marks or stains must be removed for a quality finish.

Safety is a must.

Some old paints can contain lead so when removing it is extremely important to make sure the dust is not breathed in. We test for lead before we start our preparation work.

Work with good tools

We work with high quality paint brushes that don't fall apart and leave brush hairs stuck to the wall. A good quality paint brush spreads the paint more even and makes the end finish look superior than cheaper brushes. In the case of a paintbrush cheap is expensive.

Using sandpaper

Sanding creates a smooth even finish that creates a great base for the coat of paint being applied on top. Using a low grade sandpaper eg 70 grade is fine for removing the larger debris and dependant on the surface if can take many different grades to finish the wall to a perfect finish.

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